We meet (at a Starbucks or similar) to see what kind of music will be played throughout the event. You choose what you want to hear during the reception, during dinner, and during the dance portion. We’ll get everything we don’t have. It’s your party – WE PLAY WHAT YOU WANT.

Simple Wedding DJ Toronto Speaker Setup


Includes a 2-4 speaker setup on stands, DJ table with a skirt to cover wires, DJ backlighting, wireless mic and wired mic for DJ, dancefloor lighting (additional) plus no tacky branding. See our Wedding Dj Photos section for some visuals. Also, check us out on Instagram:


Introductions of your guests of honor and following a set agenda are always important. It starts your marriage off on the right foot, literally. Choose your songs, the order in which we need to play them, your speeches, and then we follow the itinerary as you create to a tee, We`ll be glad to make sure the night is flawless!

ABOUT THE DJ - Ivy Sands

After starting out in Toronto mixing house music & Top 40 on cruises & clubs, I started DJing weddings in 2004. I felt like people who were DJing wedding didn’t care about the fine details of music’s essential ambiance – ceremony, reception, and dinners were not catered to, they really simply only concentrated on the dance portion. The entire night is your night and many times, the music prior to the actual dance portion is what certain guests will remember.

Now, I work to ensure your night is catered to you, your friends, and your family’s tastes. Music & the DJ are meant to complement your wedding, not take it over. That’s why I decided to call it Simple Wedding DJ – affordable rates, great music, killer party!

I personally DJ most of the weddings that come my way (as long as I’m available 🙂 Reach out to me and we can meet up to chat further!

About Ivan Simple Wedding DJ Toronto